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We are happy to accept donations of art from Lower Mainland artists. Please read the conditions below the form.

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    Mediums Accepted

    Painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, collage, assemblage, paper cutting, textile, glass, wood, ceramics, prints.

    Sizes Accepted

    Wall-hung pieces no larger than 3’ by 3’ maximum in either direction, including frame. Unframed ready-to-hang canvas pieces also accepted. All works will be given away to front-line workers for free.


    Please submit your work here or click on the Submit tab.

    Drop Off/Pick Up

    Once your piece is chosen by a front-line worker, we will put you and that front-liner in contact to make arrangements for exchanging your work. If your work is selected for a public place such as a gallery, we will contact you with the drop-off venue. The front-line worker will then pick up from the venue where your piece is displayed.


    • All artwork is donated – this is strictly a goodwill project;
    • The artist must own the copyright for any art submitted, or images must come from the public domain. arTHANKS is not liable for the use of copyrighted images used in submitted work;
    • You will be contacted directly if your piece(s) are accepted;
    • No fees are collected by the organizers and no tax receipts will be available to artists;
    • arTHANKS will be sending out press releases and contacting various news organizations, companies and other front-line workers;
    • arTHANKS reserves the right to refuse submitted artwork that does not fit our mandate.

    Questions? Write us either by clicking here or on the Contact tab or at