Shout Out Fun
With The Carnival Band

Shout Out Event

In support of front-line workers.

Date: May 23, 2002
Time: 5:00 to 8:00 pm
Location: Lynn Valley Village

Family fun at 5:00 pm.

A Big Thank You To Front-Line COVID Workers

If you’re a Lower Mainland COVID front-line worker, thank you – please choose a piece of art!

Dr. Lauren Sharma holds her gift of art, Small Works 2,
courtesy of local artist Michelle Sirois Silver.

We’re giving original works of art to COVID-19 front-line workers. All types of art to all types of workers – nurses, doctors, grocery workers, baristas, etc. – anyone who put themselves at risk to help us in this time of COVID.

If you’re a COVID front-liner, thank you. We know it’s often been rough, dispiriting, and maddeningly unfair, and we hope this helps. Choose a piece of art that calls out to you from an upcoming show or our gallery of images here on this website. Complete this form to request your chosen piece of art.

Lower Mainland artists, click here or on the Submit tab to donate your work.

Galleries, if you’re planning a show that’s participating in this project, let us know and we’ll list it here. You can download our logo from the contact page.

The Team

Arthanks is the common cause of Ginger Sedlarova, Valerie Arntzen, Ali Ledgerwood, Luke Lewandowski, and David MacLean, a group of artists and supporters of the arts. Our Covid front-line workers serve us day after day, month after month, and now year after year, in circumstances both daunting and unfair.  Art is the most personal and creative gift we know how to give.

You can get in touch with us at:

This is strictly a volunteer exercise, but YIKES, we have expenses. Donations are welcome. Please click here and thank you!

And did we mention that we are a 100% volunteer effort? Artists and normal people, welcome. If you are interested in volunteering, complete the form on our Volunteer page.